Terms and Conditions – online purchase and sale

The following terms apply to those contracts of online tickets purchase and sale between Messe Muenchen do Brasil Feiras Ltda. and its customers. The business terms and the purchase and sale terms which are exclusive of our customers are excluded in this scope. Amendments to the purchase and business terms will only be valid in case of written confirmation by Messe.

1. Agreement conclusion
The offer presented by the customer is binding and happens by sending the purchase order, according to the terms of article 427 of Brazilian Civil Code. The agreement will be concluded upon receipt of the payment by Messe, and the customer will waive to his right to receive an express acceptance of his/her order.
A copy of the agreement will be supplied to the customer right after the order conclusion, and the instrument can be consulted at any time.
2. Agreement compliance by the customer
The tickets values, as shown in our website by the time of the purchase order, will be the definitive prices. The payment should be made immediately after the agreement conclusion, and it can be made by credit card or automatic debit to the customer’s current account. Messe will accept the credit cards that are listed on the website. The agreement implementation will not be accomplished until Messe has effectively received the amounts that are due by the customer.
3. Agreement implementation by Messe Muenchen do Brasil Feiras Ltda
The customer will receive an e-mail with his/her ticket to be printed. The access to the respective event will only be possible upon presentation of the ticket. After the purchase, the tickets will not be refundable.
4. Cancellation of the agreement by the customer
4.1 Right of repentance
The cancelation of the online transactions can be made until 7 (seven) days after the purchase, with no justification whatsoever, and the customer only needs to communicate Messe about his/her desire to exercise his/her right of repentance, through the communication channel that is available on the portal. The initial date for counting the term will be that of the receipt, by Messe, of the amount due as a result of the purchase.In case of transaction cancelation and payment refund, the tickets will be canceled and the entrance to the event will not be allowed. The amounts that were paid will be fully refunded within 7 (seven) days.
5. Accountability
Messe will be accountable for any breach of contract or damage caused by willful misconduct or serious negligence in the negotiations. As far as those situations of slight fault are concerned, Messe will only be accountable in case of breach of important contractual obligations, in particular the central obligations of the contract.Messe will not be accountable for those damages that result of the customers’ exclusive fault, as well as damages resulting from death, physical injuries or health problems caused by breach of the obligations by the customer or his/her agent of legal representative.
6. Communication
Messe provides its customers an effective communication channel through its website, in which users’ demands can be met. Solicitations and requests for explanations will be answered within a maximum of 5 (five) days.
7. Applicable legislation
The rules of Brazilian law, mainly those in the Civil Code, shall apply, except in the case of an express contractual clause that elects a forum abroad. Furthermore, the laws of other states do not apply.